Want a Collaborative and Confident Team?

Try our virtual team-building sessions that are hilariously fun and proven to develop your team better than escape rooms, cooking classes, or other activities.



We offer the most unique team-building sessions out there by using fun improv exercises proven to help tech teams build skills.


Some Teams We Help

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Powered by Improv

Improv is not stand up comedy. It is a set of exercises that include roleplay and storytelling; it is proven to help teams think quickly, be collaborative, listen, and embrace curveballs. Yes, the prompts are also hilarious.

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Want Real Team Change? Use Teamoru.

Existing team building tools like escape rooms, trivia, and one-day offsites lack personal and team development. Improv exercises provide this without sacrificing fun.


  • Less expensive than alternative team building options

  • Improv is proven to help teamwork and communication

  • Playful exercise prompts make it fun

  • Teamoru offers a mobile app of team building games

  • Data and testimonials from clients who found value

Trivia, escape rooms, cooking classes

  • 40% more expensive per team member

  • Short-lasting effects from one event

  • Limited impact on team dynamics

  • No actionable tie-backs to team's daily work


Where We Can Move the Needle

Improve Team
Trust & Morale

Foster a Team-First & Collaborative Mindset

Confidence for Client Interactions

Spark Creativity & Innovativeness

Adaptability to Real-World Curveballs

Better Feedback Skills & Conflict Resolution

Get People to Speak Up During Meetings

Improve Active
Listening Skills

Build Empathy & Emotional Intelligence

Presentation & Storytelling Skills

Build a Growth Mindset that Embraces Mistakes

+ 30 other areas to help teams be their best!


Built for Tech

Our team of experts understand how teams in the software industry work. Each exercise in our sessions is chosen with purpose, and the debriefs tie back to real-world scenarios tech teams face such as:


  • Stakeholder management

  • Engineering, product and design collaboration

  • Agile and scrum practices

  • Enterprise sales tactics

  • Executive presentations

  • Sprint retrospectives


Practice Teamwork Between Sessions

Your team can access our mobile app with proprietary team building exercises. The fun games reinforce skills learned in the live sessions.


Themed Sessions

We build and price sessions to support multi-session plans. Each session has a specific theme (e.g., active listening) that gets built upon next session.


Teamoru Works


Morale Increase

Team members noticed more morale and excitement about the company's mission


Increase in Confidence

Members felt more confident about their ability to speak up and collaborate with others


Improved A Skill

Team members felt they learned new skills and were satisfied with the sessions


Felt This Was More Fun

Members felt the sessions were more fun than cooking classes or escape rooms


How do you turn attention into understanding?

By creating a human connection.

We help people learn to actively listen, build trust, and take responsibility for their message. Those skills enhance the confidence to talk face-to-face, so people can authentically connect and work together with clarity and efficiency.

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